Paris with Love {a trip with my son}

Paris has always been a special place for me. Since I can remember being a little girl, I would see photos of the Eiffel Tower & dream of going to Paris one day. It’s always had a pull on me, constantly calling for me to go. So when the opportunity arose for me to go 20 years ago w/ a couple of my close girlfriends, of course I had to make it happen! And you know when you think about something too much or you get yourself so excited to go somewhere & then you go & it wasn’t all you had hyped it up to be? Well, that was not the case w/ Paris. It was even more amazing than I could have dreamt up!! This city is everything & more everyone tells you, or that you see in photos or on movies. It’s truly a magical & dreamy city with so much to offer. Between the scenery, music in the streets, the food, the architecture, the language (ooh la la….I love a French accent) & the people. It’s honestly one of the most fascinating places I ever been. If you ever have the opportunity to go I 100% recommend you make it happen!!!

So now, leading up to this trip. After the birth of our 3rd son who came 10 years after our 2nd child…you can say it was a bit of an adjustment for everyone in our family. Jesse & I had talked about wanting to do something really special w/ the older boys so they knew that even though their little brother required a lot of our attention now, that they weren’t forgotten & still very important to us. We decided as Sylas was too young for any big trips, that we’d each take one of the older boys on a trip of their choice. Too my delight, when I asked Peyton where he wanted to go, he said PARIS!!!!! Yeah for me, a second chance to see my favorite city had come around my way. This was the most fun I had planning for a trip in a long time as this was my first big trip alone, well the only adult I should say. So a bit of pressure to get this trip right & make it fun for Peyton so he’d remember this trip forever. And I think it was a success. I probably over packed our itinerary for the week, but it was so hard to cut things out. I had missed so many things the first time I went because we only had 3 days to cram things in. So now w/ a full 7 days I wanted to make it count. And boy did we walk!!!! I think we walked the entire city & then some. But what better way to get to know a city then to explore the roads by foot & really soak up your surroundings. I wish I had taken more photos, but honestly we had so much fun taking in all the sites, I would forget to take photos of everything we saw or did or ate. But hoping the memories & the images we do have will be enough to treasure this time together for a good long while. Until we meet again Paris! Au Revoir…


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