Japanese Inspired Wedding {Henry & Francesca} part 1

Hello blog!! I’m sorry to say, we have been apart way too long. With our busy season finished, I’m eager to get caught up & share w/ everyone what has been keeping us away.

I am very excited about relieving this wedding we shot in the beginning of August w/ the most beautiful & sweetest couple ever. These two were both graduates of Vassar College, which brings us to where they decided to become one. We’ve shot here twice before, & it’s truly a remarkable place to photograph. We started off in the Alumni House, which was a first for us. This is where everyone was getting ready, which was nice & convenient to the church on campus. There was threat of rain in the forecast, as the images show. Gives the place a little bit of an eery effect, but as you’ll see, there was nothing dark & gloomy inside those doors.

Henry & Francesca love to travel, so it is no surprise they decided to give their american wedding a little extra culture. We were very excited when we found out they were going to infuse a japanese theme in their wedding. Think they did an amazing job pulling it all off, many of which they did on their own (you’ll see these in part 2 of this post). Many wonderful DIY ideas in this wedding & absolutely loved her chose of orange & blue accent colors!

These two are so in love & say the most wonderful things about each other. The ceremony had everyone in tears. We were very honored to be apart of such a remarkable couples journey. Always makes us realize how special our job is & how much we LOVE what we do.

Part 2 to follow…













  1. Diane Stredicke via Facebook

    November 22nd, 2011 at 11:38 pm

    Great job you guys. I love her dress!

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